License to Deal - California State Senate Bill 266 & Marijuana

State Senate Bill 266 is likely to pass prior to any November 2016 Proposition to legalize the cultivation and use of small personal amounts of marijuana. SB 266 is backed constructed by politicians and law enforcement to control what is seen as the eventual future; the legalization of marijuana. SB 266, once more finalized in content, will layout the groundwork for the legal business of marijuana growing, processing, transporting, and distribution/sales. There will be an application for a provisional license. This includes personal information, 3 months of growing history, proposed site information, a background check including past criminal history, proof of a minimum 2 year California residency requirement, and the list continues. Are you interested? Get started now or be left behind. We will provide legal consultations and legal assistance in this process. An initial one hour consultation fee is $350 to see if this is the right direction for you.